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20-20 Vision Perfection's approach to vision correction is unique. We bring together exceptional premises benefiting from a national reputation and surgical expertise by a consultant ophthalmologist with in-depth knowledge of corneal diseases and modern approaches to vision correction.


Our aims are to exceed expectations of our patients in every facet of vision correction whether shortsighted, longsighted or combined with astigmatism. Our hospitals provide an extensive range of eye services with all consultations and surgical procedures carried out by a skilled consultant.

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Laser Cataract Surgery

In the UK, phacoemulsification cataract surgery has been the gold standard both for cataract and clear lens surgery.

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Reading Vision Surgery

Presbyopia or adult longsightedness is an age related reduction in the ability to focus on objects too close and the image appears blurred.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Classically, dry eye is described as a disorder of the tear film due to tear deficiency or excessive evaporation.

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Experiencing eye dryness, irritation, light sensitivity and eye fatigue? You may be a candidate for LipiFlow.