A pterygium is a triangular shaped fold of conjunctiva (the thin usually clear membrane over the white of the eye) which has grown, together with fibrous tissue and blood vessels into the adjacent cornea.

A pterygium typically arises from the inner (nasal) conjunctiva and is strongly associated with ultraviolet light (UV) exposure. Hence they usually occur in patients living in hot climates such as Indian sub-continent, Africa and Australia. Other factors such as dryness, inflammation and exposure to dust, may also play a role. Sometimes, a pterygium may not cause any problems. However, patients typically complain of:

  • Irritation or grittiness
  • Intermittent inflammation and redness
  • Unsightly appearance
  • Blurred vision by causing astigmatism, or by obscuring the line of sight as they advance centrally over the cornea

Treatment Options

In early stages simple regular lubricants may suffice. Vision may be improved with spectacles. When the above options are not sufficient, then surgery may be warranted.

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