Eyelid lumps, bumps and lesions are abnormalities in the tissue usually brought on by illness or trauma and can be benign or malignant.

Most eyelid lumps are benign which, after careful examination, or in some cases a biopsy, can be removed with a simple surgical procedure under local anaesthetic.

The amount of surgery required depends on the size, location and type of lesion but removal of simple lumps and bumps, coupled with a little fundamental post operation care with prescribed ointment, can often leave no trace of the procedure.

Fortunately, it is very rare for eyelid lumps to be serious enough to affect overall health. However, removal of an eyelid lump, especially if the lump shows any sign of abnormality, allows a specimen to be tested for diagnosis and the planning of future treatment.

In the vast majority of cases lumps, bumps and lesions are removed due to their unsightly appearance and no further treatment is required. The wound will generally have healed within a week or two, with the lid being bruised and tender to the touch during this time.

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