"Since my cataract operation I lost hope of ever seeing properly enough without glasses and almost given in to the fact I would struggle for the rest of my life to do things that previously I had enjoyed. I've never let my RP stop me doing things but I had to admit defeat and admit that since the cataract operation I couldn't' do things on my own because I just didn't feel safe.

There are a couple of people I will be forever grateful to for the rest of my life - my wife, my solicitor and you. Since the operation I have been able to fully enjoy swimming again with my children, going to the pub and this weekend I was able to enjoy rollercoaster rides with my children again as I did before and for that I cannot express in words how grateful I am to you.

I just wanted to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me."
- Tim


Spectacle free after Light Adjustable Lens 

"I can see like never before!"

Spectacle free after having cataract surgery with Light Adjustable Lens

"Since the operation i've had perfect vision"

Spectacle free after having cataract surgery with Light Adjustable Lens

"I wanted vision with out the need for glasses, and thats exactly what I got"

Lipiview / Lipiflow Testimonials

"It has made a huge difference. I use drops once in a blue moon. I can wear my contacts. I usually don't wear them everyday, but I certainly can wear them and have them in all day long; that was something that I wasn't able to do. I'm able to walk outside on a windy day, sit in front of the computer, do my sewing. It's very exciting. This has made a huge, huge difference."
- Carolyn N

"A year after the treatment, I realized that I hadn't needed to put eye drops in at the end of the day and my eye hasn't been dripping. And it sort of hit me that I actually had improved. I was very struck by this – I hadn't been focusing on my eyes and had gone back to my life."
- Ricki H

"There was some discomfort [with the LipiFlow procedure]; there wasn't any pain. Compared to the other treatment it was like going from 15th-century medical treatment to 21st-century."
- Elaine H